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Evaluating garments in augmented reality when shopping online

AR technology integrates computer-generated sensory information with a physical environment in real time. When shopping online, consumers can see garments or accessories on their bodies without spending time customizing avatars. As compared to Virtual Reality (VR), AR can bridge the gap between online and offline shopping and provide shoppers with an experience that resembles physical interaction. In a collaborative article “Evaluating garments in augmented reality when shopping online”, which was published in the Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management (Baytar, Chung, & Shin, 2020), we investigated if AR can help online apparel shoppers order the right size, obtain clues about fit and product performance, and determine if virtually trying on an AR garment is the same as physically trying it on in regard to attitudes towards the garment and purchase intentions. We found that participants were able to approximate how garment parts would fit when using an AR application. Furthermore, participants with higher telepresence levels were found to have more positive attitudes towards the dress and greater purchase intentions when using AR as compared to the participants with low telepresence levels. This article received the 2021 Emerald Literati Awards Outstanding Paper Award. It was selected among thirty-seven papers published in 2020 in the Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management, highlighting the importance of and interest in the topic.


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