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FSAD 2650: Creative Patternmaking

Creative patternmaking concepts using vintage to contemporary fashion sources are developed. Specialized garment assembly techniques and Sonobond technology for fashion design are introduced.

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FSAD 3650: New Technologies in Fashion Design

The focus of this course is to create one-of-a kind and innovative fashion products by using 2D/3D software programs as well as methods (e.g., 3D printing, laser cutting & engraving). During the semester, experimental design samples will be prepared, and students will create full scale garments for their final projects. Readings and discussion topics will explore methods, creativity, and critical thinking.


FSAD 6370: Research Seminar: Apparel Design

This course for graduate students in apparel design offers a new topic every semester as supervised by a rotating team of professors.


FSAD 6640: Digital Products and Anthropometrics in Fashion

A seminar that focuses on the human form and its relationship to clothing. Readings and discussion of quantification of body sizes and human variation; historical, cultural, and aesthetic concepts of fit; apparel sizing techniques; national and international sizing systems and standards; and the impact of new technologies such as body scanning on sizing and fit issues. Students will participate in a group project to investigate an issue related to these topics.

Cutting Fabric
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